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We think of everything, so that you can operate your mobile business with peace of mind.

At Curbside Upfitters, we redefine craftsmanship. We don’t just build vehicles; we sculpt dreams. With a blend of artistry and innovation, we breathe life into your ideas, transforming them into unparalleled creations. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere construction; it’s about amplifying your brand’s presence and propelling it to new heights. Let our Experience & Expertise to not only bring your vision to life but to elevate and expand your brand’s identity in the market. With Curbside Upfitters, your journey to success begins here.

Discovery & Project Outline



It always starts with a conversation.

This is where we learn the What, Where, When, & Why about your plans to go mobile while you gain a more detailed understanding of How our process works and Who we are! From our initial call we can give you a quick estimate on a budget and timeline for your Specialty Vehicle or Food Truck concept. Give us a call today! 

Share your dream, business goals, and vehicle needs.

Explore design options, equipment requirements, and branding ideas.

Each project is unique. Learn about our process and timeline for your build so we can exceed your expectations and deliver an amazing instrument to propel your brand to new heights.

Design & Development



Our experience, your decisions.

After your approval of the estimate and initial deposit, we research the perfect equipment for your concept and develop Computer Aided Designs for your approval. Options are presented for you to decide where to best allocate YOUR resources according to YOUR priorities.

We source what you need, at a price that makes sense. Whether it is the cook line, refrigeration, power system, or vehicle; we will provide detailed specs and options for your review before moving forward.

We create a detailed plan before the first piece of equipment is purchased. 2D and 3D layouts are rendered, and we collaborate with you to optimize space and workflow.

It is never too early in the process to discuss your branding elements. Our in-house designer will deliver mockups of your vehicle graphics for your approval. We want you to WOW! your target audience and gain new customers once you’re on the road.

Procurement& Production



The excitement builds.

The die has been cast! We order & track everything previously agreed upon and set a production start date for your unique project. You can expect weekly progress reports and pictures for you to engage with your community.

Each piece of equipment, including the vehicle itself, is thoroughly inspected upon arrival at our state-of-the-art facility.

We assemble and place each piece of equipment in a ground-level mockup designed to mimic the space you will be operating within. We welcome our clients to make a visit for one final review prior to installation or we will send a simulated walk-through video in case any last-minute changes are wanted prior to installation.

All the while, our expert craftsmen have been working diligently so that your custom food truck, experiential marketing vehicle, or specialty mobile business has the necessary systems in place to support your use case. Simplicity of operation is one of core competences so your team can focus on what you do best… serve your customers!

Testing& Training


Testing & Training

We hated school but we love tests…
and we do a lot of them!

We utilize a comprehensive Quality Control process throughout which is capped off with a series of stress tests so we are certain your equipment will perform as expected. Our motto is OVERBUILT by DESIGN. That means multiple redundancies to keep you operating.

You would think we were finished but we are not satisfied until a final stress test is performed so we know your vehicle and equipment will perform under extreme conditions.

You would think we were finished but we are not satisfied until a final stress test is performed so we know your vehicle and equipment will perform under extreme conditions.

We will provide thorough training of the systems to you and your operations team. Digital and hard copies will be at your fingertips on your vehicle. Plus, our entire group is at your disposal anytime you need.

Discovery &Project Outline



Make your journey with us by your side.

We will stay with you past the finish line. Way past. We will be here as your experts after your mobile business hits the road so that you can maintain your vehicle to its fullest potential. We can also service and rebuild specialty vehicles.

Once your vehicle is delivered and in service, we love to communicate. After all, our business relies on your success and any referrals and reviews are deeply appreciated!

We are a small, precise team. You will not only have a direct line to our service technician, but you can easily get in touch with any one of us through our main number. ANYTIME!

Reality strikes! We have seen it all… animals or insects deciding to nest up in a rig, tree or overhang damage, unexpected hazards of the road, and more! Should you require repairs, maintenance, or upgrades, we are here for you.


Let’s Talk

An actual conversation seems hard to come by in today’s age. We find it important that we
connect with our customers on a level beyond business, so when you call us, you can expect a quality conversation. You’ll learn about our process, the general timeline from this initial conversation to delivery, & a rough estimate of the costs to customize your Food Truck or Specialty Vehicle.

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